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 As a litigation attorney, my responsibility is to educate myself on important issues and negotiate an acceptable resolution for all parties. I would like to use these skills to mitigate the polarization on the Sausalito City Council and bring the focus back to resident interests.

Using these skills, I successfully led the residents' fight against a recent high density rezoning program that targeted locations along Bridgeway, blocking residents’ views and adding to parking and traffic congestion. Preserving Sausalito "neighborhoods" is one of my top priorites. I know what it's like to fight for a voice and not be heard.  The next four years will be crucial to the direction of our town.

For the past eight years, Sausalito City Hall has pursued a pro-density agenda with little transparency for residents, and has largely ignored a mounting fiscal debt.  Hordes of rental bikes clogging our waterfront, increasing sewer fees and sales taxes illustrate city
priorities gone awry.  


I feel I can bring new eyes to old problems. I was successful in blocking major development along Bridgeway and I feel I can work with YOU the residents to maintain the quality of life we so cherish.





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