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Jill's Photo Gallery

Here's a look at Jill on the campaign trail. Scroll through to see Jill and her supporters at all the fun events they've had so far.


If you have any photos you would like to add, feel free to submit them by email to

Campaign Kick-Off 2018

Kick-off Jim Hughes.jpg
Japan Shovel.jpeg
Kick-off Steve Rob and I.jpg
Kickoff Steve Rob and I.jpg
Kickoff Erica and I.jpg
Kick-off Lynna and Jill.jpg
Jerry in Turkey Suit.JPG
Art Fest. Mary Beth.jpg
Art Fest. Gabbert.jpg
Consul General of Japan.jpg
Mike Mcguire 2.jpg
Susan Rowe Pic.JPG

Art Festival 2018

With State Senator Mike McGuire

With Japanese Consul General Uyama

2014 Campaign

On the campaign trail

Jill puts the residents first. Whether she's visiting with voters or addressing her opponents, she wants the resident's voice to be heard. Here she is at a variety of campaign events. Onward!

Coffee and Conversation

Every weekend, Jill finds a cozy neighborhood spot to meet with residents and supporters. It's a great way to get to know Jill one-on-one and get your questions answered.


Community Events

Here's a look at Jill around town during the campaign trail. She's helped out at the Chili Cookoff, the Arts Fest, the Floating Homes Tour, and many other fun events around Sausalito.


Check out our events page to see where she'll be next!

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