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Marin Voice: Voters want leaders to limit growth in Marin

Randy Warren, Marin IJ       January 16, 2015

"In spite of spirited arguing on both sides of the housing density issue, Marin voters speak with a remarkably singular voice: limit growth or you will not win election here. . . .


Newcomer Jill Hoffman defeated incumbent Sausalito Councilman Jonathan Leone, following her declaration that she was no fan of the proposed Easterby Street high-density housing plan. In fact, Hoffman outpolled both incumbents, and joined conservationist Linda Pfeifer on the council."

Election Results Are In!

"Ross, Bragman and Hoffman were big winners on Nov. 4"

Dick Spotswood, Marin IJ       Dec. 2, 2014


"The Sausalito City Council election saw many voters cast a single "bullet" vote for only one candidate. That often happens when only one candidate has a different policy orientation than the others. It's a valid tactic to effect change. Sausalito councilmember-elect Jill Hoffman had most, though the other two candidates, re-elected Herb Weiner and defeated Jonathan Leone, certainly had their share of "singe shot" votes.

Here's the math. Start with the 3,121 Sausalitans who went to the polls and voted in the council election. Because each voter had up to two votes, there were potentially 6,242 votes. Yet only 4,621 votes were cast. It appears 1,500 of those voters cast only one vote."

"Newcomer Hoffman bounces incumbent Leone"

Soren Hemmila, Marinscope          November 5, 2014


"Political newcomer Jill Hoffman edged out incumbent Jonathan Leone to win a seat on the Sausalito City Council while incumbent Herb Weiner retained his seat.


Hoffman led the pack with 1,220 votes or more than 37 percent. Councilman Weiner came in second with 1,049 votes or 32 percent. Leone brought up the rear with 936 votes or nearly 28 percent, according to unofficial election results released by the Marin County Registrar of Voters late Tuesday.


Hoffman, an attorney and reserve U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General officer, said she was proud of the campaign and grateful for the support of Sausalito residents.


“I am honored that so many Sausalito voters agreed with me on the issues,” Hoffman said. “Together, we recognized the need for more resident priorities at city hall, and together we will create positive change in our beautiful town.”


Hoffman’s campaign platform called for a change and fresh ideas, a message that appears to have resonated with voters.


“Today proved that we as a community can come together on such complex issues as high-density housing, rental bike and bus congestion, and unsustainable pensions,” Hoffman said."

News from the Campaign Trail

Pension reform, Marinship top talking points at debate

Soren Hemmila, Marinscope


Several hundred of Sausalito’s residents packed the Spinnaker Restaurant’s community room last week for more than two hours of election discourse with the three Sausalito City Council candidates.


The three Sausalitans vying for two vacant seats on the council fielded questions about the Marinship, pension reform and infrastructure during the Sausalito Woman’s Club Candidate Night Oct. 14.


First-time candidate Jill Hoffman said a vote for her is a vote for change and fresh ideas. She said she thinks city hall is off track and has become unresponsive to the needs of residents.

Attorney to challenge Sausalito incumbents
Soren Hemmila, Marinscope

Attorney and reserve Navy Judge Advocate General officer Jill Hoffman will challenge Sausalito City Council incumbents Herb Weiner and Jonathan Leone in the November 4 election.


The three residents filed papers to run by the Aug. 8 deadline and are seeking two council seats up for grabs in the upcoming general municipal election.


Hoffman said she is running for council because city officials have pursued a pro-density agenda and ignored a mounting fiscal debt for the past eight years.


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