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Jill at Candidate Night


This year's Candidate Night was held on October 14th at the Spinnaker, sponsored by the Sausalito Woman's Club and administered by the League of Women Voters. Jill spoke on the pressing issues facing Sausalito, including the city's fiscal responsibility, public safety, and the expansion of the historic waterfront into a "transit hub" for Southern Marin. Through the questions posed by the moderator and many thoughtful questions from the audience, it became clear that Jill is the candidate who is most focused on the needs of Sausalito residents. Continue reading below for Jill's bio for the event and her closing remarks.


Jill's Bio for Candidate Night


I am a practicing attorney and work for a law firm in San Francisco. I am President of the San Francisco Golden Gate Breakfast Club, a professional group established 1946 that sponsors speakers on government policy, science, technology, and education.  I received my law degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 1989.  During my last week in Law School I was commissioned as an Officer in the United States Navy’s Judge Advocate General’s Corps (the Navy attorneys).  I spent the next 7 years on active duty, practicing mainly criminal law, with some administrative/regulatory law practice.  My duty stations included Treasure Island and Naples, Italy.  In 1996 I transitioned to Reserve Officer status and hold the rank of Captain.  I married my husband Steve in 1996 and began a civilian legal career.  In 1998 my husband and I embarked on a one year sailing trip on our 40 foot sailboat, AWOL.  We sailed from Sausalito to Newport, Rhode Island, through the Panama Canal.  We returned to San Francisco and I resumed my litigation career.  Our search for a home accelerated upon learning I was pregnant; it began and ended with Sausalito.   We moved to Sausalito in 1999, and are raising our son here.  I have been involved in my son's schools, serving on the Steering Committee and as co-chair for the Sausalito Spring Fair.  Almost every year I've volunteered for the Art Festival.


I love Sausalito. The next four years present a crossroads for our Small Town because Sausalito's General Plan will be updated. I see Sausalito as a walkable community, with vibrant, independent, locally owned businesses and artists and maritime services.  I want to maintain the independent spirit and small town character that has defined Sausalito; my perspective is to ensure our community is preserved for the residents and that residents have a voice at City Hall.


Jill's Closing Remarks


"The two incumbents talk about retaining the small town charm of Sausalito, but I don't see it in their actions.  For all the reasons we have touched on here tonight, i.e.Sausaltio as a "Transit Hub", high density planning, growing numbers of rental bicycles and tour buses, and an increased sales tax, I think our City has gotten off track.  


We are at a crossroads. The choices we make now will set the future course of our town.  Do you want higher density housing, uncontrolled growth in the number of rental bikes and tour buses, the reconfiguration of our waterfront and ferry landing (only to serve the rental bikes), and increased sales tax and further growth of our pension debt?  If not, vote for me.  I am an advocate by trade; I want to be an advocate for the residents Sausalito."

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